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Become an Accredited Installer


Why should you become an Accredited Installer?


  • Stand out as a proven and reputable installer
  • Minimise risk and maximise profits for your organisation by raising standards and ensuring best practice
  • Keep your company up-to-date as part of the programme of continued learning and development with the FIA as part of the AIS.
  • Increase your clients' confidence by providing added assurance of accreditation and recognition by the FIA, a highly respected association.
  • Get free access to the FIA's Arbitration Scheme in the event of any disputes.
  • Help promote best practice across throughout the fibre optics industry

How to apply


If you'd like to become a FIA Accredited Installer, download the FIA AIS Application Form, complete it and email it to

The Criteria

Can your organisation meet the requirements?

To become an FIA Accredited Installer, you must be a member of the FIA and be assessed to a strict criteria. 

As well as a code of conduct and ongoing programme of training, installers must also commit to our principles of risk reduction and apply the FIA Risk Index as part of best practice.   

Accredited Installers also require:

  • Public Liability Insurance covering at least £2m
  • A documented Health & Safety policy or equivalent "statement of intent"
  • Evidence of safe working practices
  • A test equipment calibration register
  • A test cord (and test fixtures) register
  • Access to a current Technical Library containing the current BS 6701, EN 50173, EN 50174 and EN 50310 standards.

How the Accredited Installer Scheme Works

Accredited Installers (AIs) are expected to promote the scheme on their website, tender documents and other communications with clients.

AIs should ensure their clients are well informed about the scheme and its rules and benefits, including the free access to the FIA  Arbitration Scheme that's available to all AIs and their clients in the event of a dispute. 

Clients should know how to contact the FIA if they feel an AI isn't abiding by the scheme's regulations and the service they're receiving isn't up to standard.

At this point, the AIS Directorate, will refer the issue to FIA Arbitration. If it's found the AI isn't meeting standards, they could be struck off  the  Accredited Installer List.

It's important everyone involved in the FIA promotes the AIS to ensure its success for everyone. Clients, consultants and manufacturers are encouraged to always specifiy in their terms and conditions a preference for a contractor with FIA  accreditation.

For more advice on this, go to Working with an Accredited Installer.

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