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Become an FIA Member! Joining online takes just a few minutes and you’ll have instant access to all the FIA online content.

Become an FIA Member

Joining online takes just a few minutes and you'll have instant access to the FIA online content. Choose a full paid FIA membership or get access to our free content as a Free Online Subscriber. Prices exclude VAT.

Free Online Subscriber

Access free FIA content and post in our new Online Members Forum.


Corporate membership is open only to those who are directly involved in the fibre optics telecommunications industry and are manufacturers, distributors, re-sellers, consultants, installers, system integrators, training providers etc.

Associate membership is open only to users of fibre optic products, systems and/or services in the sense that they buy-in these facilities for their own networks.




Only available to UK members.


Only available to UK members.


UK members. See below for Overseas*.


UK members. See below for Overseas*.

  £25/YR £100/YR £175/YR From £335/yr

FIA Newsletters by electronic distribution (You can pay extra for paper copies)

FIA publications at discounted rates (limited access)

Guidance on training and career opportunities


Free access to FIA commercial services

Free access to FIA employment services

Free enrolment into the FIA Qualifications Scheme


Promotion worldwide via the FIA “e-Members Guide” and the FIA website

Use the FIA Associate  logo      
Use the FIA Corporate logo      

Qualify for relevant FIA Approval Schemes


Access to the FIA technical services


Access to the FIA Standards Forum


Direct access to the FIA Technical Directorate


Attend Annual General Meetings



Vote at Annual General Meetings



Renewal discount



Overseas memberships are suitable for Corporate and Associate Members outside the UK who join via the FIA Secretariat either because they wish to deal direct or because there is no relevant FIA Regional Office. Overseas members do not receive discounted access to events and seminars operated in the UK or other areas serviced by FIA Regional Offices. As a result the fees for international membership are lower than for full membership.

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