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The Principle of Risk Reduction




Why Risk Reduction Over Quality?

Awarding accreditation on the basis of 'high quality' installations can be tricky, because the definition of 'high quality' changes according to the priorities of a particular project.

We believe an emphasis on risk reduction makes any installation more likely to meet all of a customer's specifications, at any given time, on any type of project.  

And when an installer conscientiously minimises risk to themselves, they also minimise risk to their customer and vice versa. 

The methodical, diligent processes required to limit risk naturally reduce the chances of costly errors that lead to complaints and legal disputes. 
Risk Reduction in Practice

As part of ongoing best practice, Accredited Installers are expected to carry out risk assessments using the FIA Risk Index, which is based on the key aspects of recognised standards such as BS 6701 and the BS EN 50174 series. The elements of the Index can be applied to the installation of any information technology cabling by any installer, client or consultant to any installation.

How much extra work is involved?

The FIA Risk Index is very comprehensive with 15 task-specific categories and hundreds of risk elements. However, not all sections are relevant to every installation and observations have shown that carrying out the risk assessment doesn't significantly increase workload.

RISK INDEX         

The standards listed on the right are required to determine the requirements and recommendations in relation to each risk element.


BS 6701
BS EN 50174 series

Q.A.OVERVIEW   Is there an Installation Specification (InSpec)?
InSpec addresses other necessary building services?
InSpec addresses alarms and associated controls?
InSpec addresses atmospheric control systems?
InSpec addresses other relevant infrastructures?
InSpec details applicable legislation/regulations?
InSpec details applicable site contacts?
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION   InSpec contains Technical Specification?   Details physical and operational lifetime for cabling?
Details security mechanisms for cabling?
Details all relevant external network interfaces?
Details expansion facilities?
Details an administration system?
Details range and format of documentation required?
Details specification and application of labels?
Details acceptance testing documentation formats?
Details hazardous areas?
Details installation and operational environment
Addresses temporary abnormal environmental conditions?
Details applicable standards, codes and regulations?
Details transmission performance of the cabling?
Details cabling components?
Details methods of cabling media differentiation?
Details presentation of cable elements?
Details installation accessories and processes?
Details requirements for functional earthing?
Details EMI segregation requirements?
SCOPE OF WORK   InSpec contains Scope of Work?   Pre-installation
Details the work required in each pathway?
Details the responsibilities in each pathway?
Details the work required in each building entrance facility?
Details the need for preparatory surveys?
Details the mechanisms for control of materials on-site?
Details the locations of pathways and spaces?
Details site access and security arrangements?
Details warning signs and safety equipment?
Details the pathway systems to be used in each pathway?
Details the cables to be installed in each pathway?
Details layouts of (en)closures in cabinets/frames/racks?
Details the jointing/termination at each termination point?
Details requirements for acceptance testing?
Details the installation programme?
Details project management responsibilities?
Duct sealing requirements?
Details requirements for reinstatement?
    InSpec agreed with customer?
Is change control in place for InSpec?
QUALITY PLAN   Quality Plan agreed with customer?   Procedures to demonstrate compliance with the InSpec?
Procedures for the transfer of responsibilities?
Procedures for the acceptance of cabling components?
Procedures for the acceptance of cabling installation?
Procedures to assure component compatibility?
Procedures to assure cabling compatibility?
Procedures to address the component incompatibilities?
Procedures to avoid and/or mitigate corrosion?
Details the competency levels of installation personnel?
Confirms component fire performance/chemical resistance?
Accepts storage environments?
Accepts installation/operational environments?
For inspection/testing of cabling components or installed cabling
Details inspection and test equipment to be used?
Details test cords to be used?
Details sampling plans and test schedule?
Details test system uncertainty?
Details procedures for the treatment of marginal results?
Details the format of test results to be submitted?
    Is change control in place for Quality Plan?
Installed system power requirements advised to customer?
Is a “paper trail” audit system defined and in place?
SAFETY    Site-specific safety requirements documented?
Induction courses planned/undertaken?
Safe working requirements notified to customer?
All practical steps taken to minimize working at height?
Segregation from mains power supply and earth cabling?
Telecommunications equipment meets IEC 60950?
Cables comply with relevant product safety requirements?
Connection interface segregation applied?
Health and Safety Plan submitted to customer?
Requirements for earthing clearly defined?
Requirements for lightning protection clearly defined?
ENVIRONMENTAL   Components compatible with the storage environment?
Equipment compatible with the storage environment?
Components compatible with the installation environment?
Components compatible with the installation techniques?
Components compatible with the operational environment?
Components meet chemical resistance criteria?
Pathway systems provide environmental protection?
Components meet fire performance criteria?
Pathway systems required to meet fire performance?
Materials selected to avoid and/or mitigate corrosion?
DOCUMENTATION    “Spaces” construction drawings available?
“Spaces” build schedule available?
“Spaces” labeliing schedule available?
Pathway system drawings available?
Pathway system installation schedule available?
Pathway system labelling schedule available?
Cabling drawings available?
Cable installation schedule available?
Cable labelling schedule available?
Cable element labelling/identification defined?
Termination/jointing schedule available?
Termination/joint labelling schedule available?
Earthing schedule/drawing available?
SURVEY   Adequate space allocated to cabling/equipment?
External network interface features confirmed?
Pathway systems have adequate capacity?
Pathway systems, cabinets/frames/racks are earthed?
Pathways are accessible?
Ducts allow sealing (if required)?
Adequate space for cable drums/installation accessories?
Adequate space for cable installation?
Adequate space for cable fleeting?
Adequate space for service loops of cable?
Adequate space for termination/splicing (en)closures?
Adequate space for cable bends?
Deviations from InSpec advised and agreed?
Component acceptance tests undertaken?
Legacy cabling acceptance tests undertaken?
Installation power requirements assessed?
Storage facilities for components/equipment assessed?
CUSTOMER-PROVIDED SERVICES   Site-specific access systems arranged?
Induction course date(s) agreed?
Installation power requirements agreed?
Safe working areas created as per installers notification?
Storage facilities available and accessible?
Pathways and spaces available and accessible?
Site contacts confirmed?
SAFETY/PREPARATION   Training matrix supports construction environment?
Training matrix matches Quality Plan?
Induction course completed for all operatives?
Construction areas are accessible?
Adequate space for construction tools/equipment?
Confined space access equipment in place?
Gas testing at chambers completed?
Excavations signed and guarded?
Construction site area barriers installed?
Utility drawings available?
Utility plant marked on surface?
Utility drawings checked for location of buried services?
Ground CAT scanned to locate unmarked services?
Safe dig techniques employed?
DUCTS/CHAMBERS   Grassed areas protected from works?
Ducts correctly installed?
Duct entry into chambers meets specification?
Chambers installed to specification?
Brackets and bearers installed as required?
Frames and covers flush with surface?
Ducts tested?
New ducts roped?
Building lead-in duct temporarily sealed/plugged?
REINSTATEMENT   Chamber floors free of debris?
Sump cover removed from sump before chambers closed?
Chamber covers seated correctly?
Chamber key holes not worn?
Chamber frames secured?
Backfill and re-instatement to HAUC standard?
Work areas clean and tidy?
All signs and guards removed?
All spillages cleaned up?
Landscaped areas restored?
Site-specific access systems returned to customer?
SAFETY   Training matrix supports installation environment?
Training matrix matches Quality Plan?
Induction course completed for all operatives?
Confined space access equipment in place?
Working at height equipment, signage and guards in place?
Gas testing at chambers carried out?
IEC 60825-2 hazard classification defined?
CABLE INSTALLATION   Pathway systems
Pathway systems correctly installed?
Pathway systems accommodate cable minimum bend radii?
Pathway systems labelled as required as per schedule?
Pathway systems earthed as per InSpec?
Pathway systems enable access for cable dessing i.e. ties?
Cable installation (general) 
Cable minimum bend radius observed?
Cable maximum tensile load not exceeded?
Cable service loops installed as required?
Spare capacity maintained in pathways systems?
Cables laid neatly on trays and in trunking?
Cables tied to trays?
Cable ties cut with correct tool and with no sharp edges?
Cables not compressed by cable ties?
Cables labelled as per schedule?
Cable installation (external)
Anti-creepage used where necessary?
Fused swivel used?
Cable guides and “bell mouths” used?
Lower ducts used first in chambers?
Cables supported in chambers?
Cables not inter-twined through chambers?
Cables not lying on floor of chambers?
Standing room maintained in chambers?
No excess cable in chambers?
No ropes in ducts containing cables?
Building entry ducts sealed?
Conductive cable structural members earthed as per InSpec?
TERMINATION/JOINTING   Cabinets, frames and racks
Located, configured and labelled as per schedule?
Earthed as per InSpec?
Cables dressed into cabinet/frame or rack?
Cords dressed neatly and free from stress?
Cords contained within management fixtures?
Cords labelled as per schedule?
Located, fixed and labelled as per schedule?
Installed to allow basic rework?
Installed to allow live system rework?
Cables colleted/glanded as per schedule?
Cable strength members secured to anchoring posts?
Cable elements colleted/marked as per schedule?
Adequate excess length on cable elements?
Termination/joints undertaken correctly?
Ports labelled and sealed/capped?
(En)closures (optical fibre-specific) 
Primary coated optical fibres sleeved?
Optical fibre splice protectors supported?
Optical fibre/pigtails managed in splice trays or equivalent?
Connectors cleaned by recommended methods?
Optical fibre shards safely contained and removed?
Optical fibre shards disposed of safely?
Ports labelled and sealed/capped?
(En)closures (blown optical fibre-specific) 
Optical fibre tubes dressed and secured through unit?
Optical fibre tubes secured at trays?
INSPECTION AND TESTING   Inspection methods in accordance with Quality Plan?
Test methods in accordance with Quality Plan?
Inspection schedule in accordance with Quality Plan?
Test schedule in accordance with Quality Plan?
Inspection and test equipment “in calibration”?
Test cords labelled/identified and recorded?
Test equipment limits correctly applied?
Test equipment settings recorded?
Test configurations recorded?
Inspection records in accordance with InSpec?
Test records in accordance with InSpec?
Marginal results treated in accordance with Quality Plan?
POST-INSTALLATION   Cable drums/reels/packaging removed from site?
Tools and construction equipment inventory checked?
Work areas clean and tidy?
Cabinet doors fitted, locked and keys submitted?
Trunking lids secure?
Site-specific access systems returned to customer?
HANDOVER   Final Installation Specification submitted?
Installation Specification audit trail submitted?
Final Quality Plan submitted?
Quality Plan audit trail submitted?
As-built drawings submitted?
Final cabling documentation submitted?
Test and inspection results submitted?
Installation operating instructions submitted?
Sign-off paperwork submitted?
Non-compliance paperwork submitted?

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