Stolen Equipment Register

The following is a list of equipment that has been reported as stolen to the FIA. If you are offered anything from this list, please contact the FIA Secretariat immediately.


Fluke Optifiber 500 OTDR 8192001
Wavetek (Ideal) LT8155 Scanner 8270161
Wavetek (Ideal) LT8155 Remote 8270162 This item and the one abovewere last seen in a black material carry case with a talk set, 2 x mains adaptors & leads, 2 x channel adaptors, 2 x RJ45 basic link cables, and 1 x calibration unit.
Fluke DSP4100 7709012
Fluke DSP4100 Remote 7709012
Fluke DSP4300 8172028A
Fluke DSP4300 Remote 8172028A
Fluke DSP-FTA420 8146063
Fluke DSP-FTA420 8160073
Fluke OptiFiber Mainframe 8487007
Fluke OptiFiber Module MM5610 8484010
Hewlett Packard OTDR Mainframe E6000 DE37601857,4.5
Hewlett Packard OTDR Module E6003A 3617G01612,A3748 -1976
AFL M210 Quad OTDR 2C50RN1219
AFL OLS4 Light Source 2DO4LK004

Offered stolen equipment?

If you have been offered any item on this list, please notify the FIA.

Had Equipment Stolen?

Have you had equipment stolen? Report it to the FIA to get it added to our register (Members only).