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Chris Atkin


Welcome to our new FIA Chairman

“Chris has a very clear vision for the FIA; crafted through many years of working in both fibre optics and data cabling,

 Chris Atkin is the Managing Director and senior Technical Trainer of Total Comms Training Ltd.

 Under Chris Atkin’s leadership and technical expertise, Total Comms Training envisions an industry where technology embraces all aspects of fibre optics and data cabling to literally provide a “connected world”, so future generations of installers, designers and all stakeholders can reap the rewards of creating the very best experience and strengthening Total Comms Training’s core offering: to enable the delivery of the very best technical training, as well as providing an insight into transformative technologies, that have the potential to change lives.

 Chris’s avid interest in both Physics and Telecommunications keeps him abreast of “all things comms cabling!” Chris actively assists in the development of all the main regulated awards as well as being an active participant with the “movers and shakers”.

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