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2015 – The Silver Jubilee of the FIA

2015 is a particularly important year for the Fibreoptic Industry Association - at we celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of its formation. The cornerstone of the celebration is the Summer Seminar and Networking Event held on 1st/2nd June. This year it will be held...

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The Class System is Dead

Those readers “au fait” with ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173 standards for generic cabling design will recognise the concept of cabling “channels” and “links” and the application of the term “Class” when referring to the requirements that apply to those channels. Class has...

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Finally! – An accredited installer scheme that delivers

The “IT” world has repeatedly tried to develop an effective Approved Installer scheme. It would appear that the Fibreoptic Industry Association has finally managed to create a scheme which has attracted a substantial percentage of its members to register as Accredited...

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