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Preparing your cabling for Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (PoE) refers to the phenomenon of running power and data transmission through the same cable, eliminating the need for separate wiring for each purpose. In doing so, this reduces installation costs and improves flexibility by...

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NHS Building Infrastructures for Healthcare ICT

The FIA has been a major contributor to the Code of Practice and we are pleased to advise that after two years in development it is now readily available to become the go to document for all those involved in hospital and healthcare...

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FIA Statement on 5G mobile services

Introduction There has been much hype and fear surrounding the roll-out of the fifth generation (5G) mobile services by the mobile phone operators. Unfortunately some fibre optics engineers have been caught up in this fear, uncertainty and doubt...

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2015 – The Silver Jubilee of the FIA

2015 is a particularly important year for the Fibreoptic Industry Association - at we celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of its formation. The cornerstone of the celebration is the Summer Seminar and Networking Event held on 1st/2nd June. This year it will be held...

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