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A special award for a leading light of the industry



Service and commitment

The FIA was delighted to bestow a life-time honorary membership on Tim Oldershaw, technical director at J Brand, at the latest Summer Seminar. 

After 46 years in the industry, Tim is a highly esteemed expert of his field and has been a long-time supporter and friend to the FIA, providing assistance with much of our work on standards. 

He is chairman of the BSI Standards Committee for Data and Telecoms in the UK and is the UK principal expert to Europe in telecoms. He's also considered the European expert on data intelligence and was voted a top mover and shaker in Network Cabling News

FIA Chairman John Marson presented Tim with his certificate of membership and thanked him for his commitment and service to the industry and the FIA. 



"I will always help as much as I can"

Following the presentation, Tim said he was 'really pleased' to receive the award and the recognition. 

He said: "It's always good when standards are recognised as helpful and important to the industry. The FIA has been involved in the installation standards for years, promoting good training and practises.

Tim added: "I always thought I would be more involved with the FIA at some point, perhaps by joining the council. And while I will always help as much as I can, life and work have taken me in a different direction, so that never happened.  

"That's why I'm so pleased to receive this membership. I can remain involved and will continue to come to these events, which are so worthwhile."  

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