Newsletter – Issue 141

Oct 26, 2020 | Newsletter


Welcome to the October 2020 Fibre Optic industry Association newsletter, which is Issue 141.

This month, we welcome new members who have joined since our last newsletter:

  • Fibrenet Office Solutions Ltd.
  • Griffiths Evans Ltd.
  • INCA
  • HG Comms Ltd.
  • Flexicomms (UK) Ltd.


Diary Notes

The FIA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is on Tuesday 1st December 2020, which due to current circumstances this year the AGM will be held online via Zoom. Details will be sent to members early in November.

FIA Summer Seminar 2021 is scheduled for 10th & 11th June 2021, at Whittlebury Hall, Nr. Towcester, Northants NN12 8QH. We sincerely hope this event can go ahead and we have a range of Sponsorship opportunities available.  Contact the Secretary for more information.


News and Developments:

FIA is working in partnership with INCA: The Fibreoptic Industry Association has long recognised the impact that the UK fixed gigabit broadband rollout is having on operators, suppliers, installers, standards and communities. We have formed an affiliation with INCA, the Independent Networks Co-operative Association, to ensure that our members have visibility of this and other exciting opportunities.

The UK government is investing £5bn to ensure that “every home” can access “gigabit-capable” broadband by the end of 2025.

Whilst we will continue to keep our members informed of all current and future fixed broadband developments, there is a great deal of additional support information available on the INCA website including webinars, articles and advice.

About INCA

The members of the Independent Networks Co-operative Association (INCA) are supporting, planning, building and operating sustainable, independent and interconnected networks that advance the economic and social development of the communities they serve, and permit the provision of applications and services through open competition, innovation and diversity. They will work together to create cohesive interconnected next generation networks.


  • INCA will support the development of sustainable independent networks through collaboration on the provision and procurement of products and services and adoption of common standards.
  • INCA will support collaboration between members to create new, independent digital infrastructure that can be shared by operators and suppliers.
  • INCA will support mutual trading between members.
  • INCA will represent the interests of independent networks.
  • INCA will promote the advantages and successes of independent networks.
  • Membership shall be open to any organisation that supports the development of independent digital networks and infrastructure, specifically:
  • Infrastructure that is shared by different operators and providers;
  • Infrastructure that is open for use by competing operators or service providers and that is independent of the incumbent operators;
  • Infrastructure that is owned by the communities or businesses that use it.

Members include:

  • Network owners;
  • Network operators;
  • Network managers;
  • Access networks;
  • Middle mile networks;
  • Network hubs and exchanges;
  • Organisations, including public sector, that are developing or promoting independent networks;
  • Equipment suppliers.


NHS Building Infrastructures for Healthcare ICT – IET Code of Practice

The FIA has been a major contributor to the Code of Practice and we are pleased that after two years in development, it is now readily available to become the go-to document for all those involved in hospital and healthcare infrastructure design.

The Code of Practice directs designers to the relevant network cabling standards applicable to healthcare.

The document is available free of charge in electronic pdf form from the FIA and the IET.

See FIA Website:

IET access reference:

The document covers:

  • Concepts and terms
  • Project management and governance
  • Logical design and architecture
  • Implementation in buildings
  • Implementation outside buildings
  • Healthcare building considerations
  • Annex A Definitions and abbreviations
  • Annex B Standards
  • Annex C Bibliography
  • Annex D Installation specifications
  • Annex E Street Works


BASEC Press Release: Are you prepared for UKCA?

All you need to know about the UK equivalent to CE marking and CPR fire testing, as exiting the European Union trade deals continue to conclusion – contact the BASEC team today for priority testing!

The background – BASEC’s position on CE/UKCA marking

On 1st September 2020, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) communicated the latest position regarding withdrawal from the European Union (EU) and the future position regarding CE marking under CPR. Statutory Instrument 2019 No 465 covers all aspects of how those trading with the UK must move forward with Construction Products building market standards, for full details read more here: http:/

BASEC is in the unique position of having established both BASEC UK as a UKCA approval body NB 2661 and BASEC Conformity Limited (BCL) as an EU27 notified body via NB 2851.

Moving forward

On 1st January 2021, BASEC UK will cease to be an EU27 notified body and automatically gain status as a UK approved body. This will be reflected in a database for UK approved bodies similar to NANDO (yet to be published). The current intention is that the same notified body (NB) number will remain, so BASEC will be UK approved body with the existing NB 2661 number.

It has been confirmed that the UK approval scheme will be a mirror of the current CPR, all EN standards will become UK designated standards and will again be identical to the EN’s. In this way, the AVCP (testing and FPC) will be no different.

As a part of the move away from CE marking to UKCA, the government has allowed a 1-year transition period, where until 1st January 2022, it will be permissible to use CE marked product that fulfil the below criteria and are:

  • Covered by a harmonised European standard, which is the same as a UK designated standard (as noted above)
  • Affixed with CE marking
  • Accompanied by a manufacturer’s declaration of performance, and
  • Have been assessed by an EU-recognised notified body, where third party assessment is required.

Find out more about fire cable standards, testing and certification by downloading the guide.

The action industry must take

On the surface it appears that there is a further year before definitive action must be taken, however, the below statement brings into focus some urgency, in respect to how transfer of certification between NB’s will need to happen:

“Where a UK notified body (which becomes a UK approved body) had carried out tasks or issued certification in relation to the Assessment and Verification of Performance (AVCP) for a product before 1st January 2021, then those tasks and/or that certification may be used to support affixing of the UK marking if the product is placed on the GB market after this date”

This means, for all current BASEC customers that have AVCP system 1+ with BASEC it is permissible for BASEC to use this information in support of UK marking i.e. there will be no need for additional parallel auditing/testing. Additionally, any transfers that occur before 1st January 2021 will constitute tasks and the same will apply. Anything after this date will require full parallel testing/auditing.

Under the group of notified bodies (GNB) transfer guidance, there is the possibility of cooperation with the current issuing notified body of a customer. This would involve a desktop review of all Initial visit reports, FPC, CoCP and testing. It would then be at BASEC’s discretion of how to validate this information, as it cannot simply be “taken as read”. It would be BASEC’s intention to review all documentation including CoCP and test reports for alignment with CPR requirements. Upon successful review BASEC would then establish a test programme, on a risk basis, as to how many tests would be required to verify alignment between the testing of the issuing NB and BASEC. Successful completion of this process would lead to certificate transfer.

At this stage, all system 3 documentation remains valid as previously communicated. BASEC will continue to offer classification reports for existing customers for UKCA system 3, but may wish to retest, dependent on the age of the original test.

In summary

Key takeaways for you to assess your next steps include:

  • As of January 1st, 2021, BASEC will become a UK approved body and no longer an EU27 NB
  • BASEC Conformity Limited (BCL) NB 2851 will offer System 1+ CPR AVCP as an EU27 notified body
  • BASEC UK will offer UKCA System 1+ and System 3
  • There is a 12-month transition period where CE marked product will still be allowed into the UK
  • All work carried out by BASEC prior to 31st December 2020 is allowed to be used as technical information to validate UKCA marking This will include any transfers prior to 31st December 2020
  • Post 1st January 2021 all UKCA work will require new testing/auditing
  • Post 1st January 2021, BASEC/BCL’s service offering will allow 1 set of auditing/testing to satisfy both UKCA (System 1+ and System 3) AND CE (System 1+ ONLY) marking obligations

For any further information on the transition to UKCA marking, please contact Mark Froggatt

Click to download print ready copy of press release.

BASEC is the preferred testing and certification partner to the worldwide cable industry. The mark of independently approved quality and safety is only awarded when cable products have been rigorously tested to meet the highest industry recognised standards. The BASEC name is synonymous with quality and safety and our independent cable certification and testing is trusted and respected around the world. For over 45 years BASEC has been a mark of reassurance for those manufacturing, specifying and installing cable. Our comprehensive product testing approvals, stockists and control cable certification schemes provide purchasers and contractors with the peace of mind that the cable they install is compliant, safe, fit for purpose and will provide years of reliable service. To discuss your requirements, contact us here.


FIA – Accredited Installer Scheme

FIA Accredited Installers – the official list for October 2020

If your organisation is interested in joining the scheme, contact the AIS Director, Frank Kler here.

  • FES LTD.
  • GCL LTD.

For full details for all of the FIA AIS Accredited Installers, click here


BSI affiliation

FIA is a BSI Affiliate – meaning that anyone visiting the FIA website can click on the link to the BSI website, and any purchase made of standards, in either paper or electronic format, results in a small payment being made from BSI to the FIA (at no cost to the purchaser).

The BSI link on the FIA website (bottom of the FIA home page) goes directly to the BSI page where members can purchase standards.

If you are buying a standard document, even if your company is already a member of BSI, please use the FIA website – because the FIA receives a small percentage of your purchase price – and any discounts you normally receive will also be applied.


Technical Support Guide Access

Members who wish to see or download the “members only” Technical Support Guides can do so by clicking on the link here.

NOTE:  Any FIA member can share their news via this Newsletter.  Send all input to the Secretary,  (New email address)

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