Covid-19 Protecting Your Construction Workforce

May 20, 2020 | News (Members)

There has never been a more important period to consider Health and Safety. The FIA has consulted with Chris Rawson,of CHPK, and he has kindly provided the following information for our members:


And finally he has provided a number of bullet points namely:

1. Do not simply identify ‘Covid-19’ as the only hazard. Break it down into bite size hazards (see the Risk Assessment) that you can focus on in detail. Such as ‘travel to work’, ‘site welfare’, ‘concerned employees’ etc.

2. Review each work task individually. This will help identify the activities within the task that require working within 2m of each other. This will help concentrate your efforts.

3. Assess resource levels. Ask yourself, ‘can the job be done safely with less people over a longer period of time?’ This will reduce the amount of contact with other people.

4. Develop a cleaning rota. This is especially important if sharing vehicles or plant. Everything should be wiped down with 60% alcohol after use. Covid-19 can live for 72hrs on hard surfaces (plastic/metal).

5. Provide PPE and train in how to use safely. PPE is always the last resort, but its correct use can help prevent the spread.


Please note that the situation with Covid-19 is changing continuously and the above information is subject to change.

Chris Rawson MSc CMIOSH CMaPs is an Associate Director at CHPK Limited

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