Newsletter - Issue 136

New members of the FIA

The FIA council would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members: –

Corporate Members:

DaRo Fibre Products Ltd

MLR Networks Ltd

Lisagallon Cabling Contractors

SCD Group Ltd.

Dates for your diary


Tuesday 3rd December 2019 – Venue: The Manor House, Buntingford, Herts SG9 9AB.

FIA Summer Seminar 2020:

Provisional dates as of July 2019  – Thursday 4th & Friday 5th June 2020, Whittlebury Hall,  Whittlebury, Towcester, NN12 8QH.

White paper and Technical Support Document updates

The FIA has recently updated and released several important documents of significance :-

  • Supporting Cables and Cable Management Systems – The change between 17th and 18th editions of BS 7671: Requirements for Electrical Installations here
  • A further clarification regarding fire performance requirements of BS 7671 and BS 6701 here
  • New optical fibre designations for 2019 here
  • Fire resistance and circuit integrity cable explanation here
  • An updated Technical Support Document on External installations, BS EN 50174-3 and UK regulations here

FIA Summer Seminar 2019

A full review of this year’s successful Summer Seminar can be found here. Suffice to say that the event was well received and the after dinner speaker (Luke Wigman) impressed us all with his journey from IED strike in Afghanistan to his 2 Gold medals earned in the Invictus games. Read his story here.

We always ask attendees to let us know how they feel about the event and how it could be improved, a sample of which is shown below;

  • “A good range of presentation topics.”
  • “Very good seminar again. Will be back next year.”
  • “Thank you for the organisation, it was great to meet everyone. Some great presentations, would like renewed content, topics on Fixed Mobile, 5G, SuperFast BroadBand. Liked a lot the one on submarine, aeronautics and NHS Thanks again Jane and all the FIA team!”
  • “Like the 13:00 start but would rather condense the AM session into a slightly longer evening – maybe until 1900 with shorter breaks.”
  • “I really enjoyed it. A real pity that each year it is as the same time as Angacom in Germany Amazing people, amazing stories a real pity the audience is limited. Maybe to have more people in the venue you should do more noise through social media.”
  • “Could have had more seminars in the morning and less crammed than the previous day afternoon. Need to make presentations larger on the screen, too small to see. Also, do not have in a week where there is a major European event (Angacom this year).”
  • “Would be nice to hear a few technical talks perhaps in relation to fibre standards or testing. I think quite a few of the attendees are installers so something relevant to them could be useful. We had a useful talk last year on the importance of cleaning, this year there was a useful talk on CSCS cards which is also very relevant for installers. Although the talks were largely interesting, they weren’t necessarily useful in a business sense. It would’ve been good to hear one of the members who wrote a white paper on testing discuss the aspects of that for example.”

To view the presentations shown during the summer seminar, PDF versions are available for download or viewing here.

Many thanks again to our presenters: – Andy Hudson, Adrian Wooster, Mike Andersson, David Randall, Martin Smith, Jonathan Lewis, Richard Robson, Hugo Garcia Escobar Morales, Tony Benn and John Cotterill.

For those that may wish to be involved and present in next year’s seminar (Provisional dates  – Thursday 4th & Friday 5th June 2020) , please contact John Marson, FIA Commercial Director here.

The FIA Needs You!

The Fibreoptic industry Association has been representing and supporting optical technology for over 25 years, however we recognise the changes in the marketplace and in order to embrace these changes and continue to provide a first class level of service to our members we recently conducted an email and phone survey to ensure that the FIA continues to offer that value to its member organizations.

Just under 20% of the membership took part in the survey and conclusions are clear to draw from the raw data.

1) What do you want from the FIA?

A mixture of technical and commercial benefits were cited, involving standards development leadership & participation, strong technical resource and leadership, industry development updates on the technical side, and in contrast on the commercial side, arbitration and end-user influence, education and training.

2) How can we improve our service to you?

We received a wide range of suggestions, some of which were to enhance existing services (more frequent newsletter, white papers, technical tips) and some as changes such as the use of corporate email addresses (, seminars outside of London and Midlands, more LinkedIn activity and postings and similar.

3) What are you interested in?

In descending order, the subjects of interest were;

  • Standards
  • Installation
  • Test equipment
  • Data centres
  • Telecommunications
  • Security
  • FTTx
  • 5G
  • IoT
  • Smart Cities
  • Transmission equipment
  • Copper data technology

Copper in particular is a subject of some polarized views – many of our members also install copper, hence it often is included in seminar presentations, but many suggest we should not be covering it.

The balance of the questions were centred around the website, support documents and social media. It is clear that we need to improve  our social media presence but overall the functionality and content availability was seen as good and useful.

In summary, it is clear that we have work to do to improve certain aspects of what we provide to our members, but that we must continue to ensure your voices are represented with the FIA’s technical leadership and standards activities.

If you have any other pressing views or opinions on your membership then please feel free to email Frank here.

Technical Support Guide Access

Members who wish to see or download the “members only” Technical Support Guides can do so by clicking on the link here.

FIA Accredited Installers – the official list for July 2019

If your organisation is interested in joining the scheme, contact the AIS Director, Frank Kler here.

  • FES LTD.
  • GCL LTD.

For full details for all of the FIA AIS Accredited Installers, click here

Ministry of Defence – would you like to become a supplier?

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) are British Industry’s largest single customer, spending around £16Bn per year on goods and services. In order to simplify the process of tendering for MoD business, the FIA, in conjunction with the MoD supply chain group, produced a simple one page Application Form which enables a fast-track approval for FIA members, details available here.

Newsletter – Issue 140

Welcome to the June 2020 Fibre Optic Industry Association Newsletter. We hope this finds you safe, well and still sane in the current lockdown.

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