Newsletter - Issue 128

Included in this newsletter:

  • New Members
  • Dates for your Diary
  • FIA 2017 Summer Seminar – report and feedback
  • FIA Accredited Installers – the official list for July 2017
  • New White paper – Guidance on the commercial impact of the extension of the Construction Products Regulation to Telecommunications cables.

New Members of the FIA

The FIA council would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members: –

Corporate members:

City Communications & Electrical Group Ltd.

Haynes Data Ltd.

Micos spol s.r.o

Tierx Ltd.

DMOptics Ltd. 

Trescray Services LLC 

Personal members:

Stanley Dobinson

Dates for your Diary:

Summer Seminar 2018!

4th & 5th June 2018 – Sponsorship opportunities will be announced in October 2017, Whittlebury Hall, Towcester, NN12 8QH

AIS future dates:

21st September 2017, Southern UK, exact location TBA

22nd September 2017, Northern UK, exact location TBA

23rd November 2017, Southern UK, exact location TBA

24th November 2017, Northern UK, exact location TBA


6th December 2017, The Manor House, High St, Buntingford, SG9 9AB

New FIA white paper

Following the further developments in UK standardization and the implications of the implementation of Construction Products Directive, Mike Gilmore has produced an updated white paper, available to all members, describing its progress so far and in particular how to deal with the impact it may have on contracts that may have been quoted previously.

From 1st July 2017, all energy, communications and control cables that are placed on the market and intended to be installed in a “permanent” manner inside buildings and other structures have to be certified as being conformant to a specific EuroClass in relation to “reaction to fire”. Annex A of this document provides some explanation of the EuroClass system. The EuroClass itself does not dictate where the cables can be or may be used. Each country can decide this either via regulation, legislation or by the application of standards. In some countries, this will depend on building size, type or by the designation of the space inside the building.

The White Paper describes the transition in standards and how an installer can best react to it. Find it here.

FIA standards forum

Visitors to the Standards Forum page on the FIA web-site will find a range of draft standards undergoing revision or amendment from BSI, European and international bodies.

British Standards publications BS 6701 and BS 8492 are being amended to reflect the impact of the EuroClass for fire performance. We expect BS 6701 to include the following text:

  • “For new installations and the refurbishment or extension of existing installations within the external fire barrier of buildings and other structures, installation cables which are subject to the Construction Products Regulation shall, as a minimum, meet the requirements of EuroClass Cca-s1b,d2,a2 in accordance with BS EN 13501-6.
  • All other cables within the external fire barrier shall meet the minimum recommended requirements of BS EN 60332-1-2.
  • The installation of cables penetrating the external fire barrier of buildings shall conform to the BS EN 50174 series of standards.”

This represents a slight change from what was previously reported.

At European level we will see the pre-vote drafts of EN 50174-1 and EN 50174-2 – with one of the main topics being the planning and assessment of cabling to support remote powering up to an including the 90 W delivery system of IEEE 802.3bt Type 4. The pre-vote drafts of these standards will available on the SF web-page over the summer.

Finally the voting drafts of the six new ISO/IEC 11801 standards will also be available over the summer.

FIA Summer Seminar 2017 – report & feedback

This year’s FIA Summer Seminar went particularly well and our post-event survey certainly backs this up. The headline was that we scored 95% for the question; “Would you recommend the FIA Summer Seminar to a friend in the industry?” Overall, the presentations scored 81% and all other aspects scored 86%. Thank you to all those that gave their feedback – we’ll use it to make it even better next year!

Our thanks again goes out to our sponsors, without whom we would have been unable to run the seminar: –

Report from the Chairman, Paul Bateson

The 2017 Summer Seminar was held at Whittlebury Hall and we can safely boast it was the best yet with nearly 70 attendees. The attendees represented nearly all aspects of our industry, and included installers, manufacturers, service providers, suppliers and trainers, providing an excellent forum for networking with opportunities for imparting technical know-how, real-life experiences and some great information on the developing, challenging and exciting world of Fibre Optics.

Topics covered by our diverse range of speakers included an update on current standards, some thoughts on laser safety, undersea world of fibre optics, societies addiction to fibre and the demand for ever increasing data rates, how optical networks are configured in the big wide world, opportunities for lobbying governments and tapping into investment programmes in the digital economy, the challenges of new developments in multi-core fibre optics in manufacture, installation and testing, the ever increasing importance of fibre in Data Centres and finally how to lay external cables without digging a trench.

There was a lot of interest in the presentations by Peter Jamieson from Virgin Media on Fibre Optics Under the Sea, and that from Andrew Whale, Chief Engineer for BT OpenReach and the challenges of providing services in the last mile in a society addicted to, and demanding, high data rates both upstream and downstream.

The excellent evening dinner was enjoyed by all and was followed by an after-dinner talk given by the Andy Hogg, a former Premier League and FIFA assistant referee (see report below). Not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but it did shed some interesting light on the disparity between officials and players, both in terms of monetary rewards and the level of fitness required.

Finally, the ‘Oscars’ speech where I would like to extend our thanks to all our sponsors, particularly our main sponsor, Hubbell Premise Wiring, the knowledgeable and informative speakers, the table top exhibitors, the attendees, my co-Council members and our hard-working FIA back-office staff that made this event both possible and enjoyable. The FIA is a not-for-profit organisation and relies heavily on the support of its membership. We value your feedback and look forward to hearing back from you about what topics you’d like included in next year’s FIA Summer Seminar scheduled for 4th & 5th June 2018. Book the date in your busy diaries now and I hope to see you all, and more besides, next year at Whittlebury Hall.

Paul Bateson

Who would have thought that a speech from a football referee could be so entertaining?

The FIA was privileged to have Andy Hogg, a former Premier League and FIFA Assistant referee give an entertaining and interactive performance at their annual dinner. The use of video coupled with a series of challenging questions caught the imagination of the audience. The content, which was sometimes controversial, caught the imagination of the audience and even the non-footballers were impressed and entertained.

Frank Kler

For those that missed the event, presentation slides can be found here.

FIA Accredited Installers – the official list for July 2017

If your organisation is interested in joining the scheme, contact the AIS Director, Frank Kler at

  • FES LTD.
  • GCL LTD.

For full details for all of the FIA AIS Accredited Installers, click here

Conditions of Accreditation
As a member of the FIA Accredited Installer scheme companies shall send staff to attend a minimum of two (free-of-charge) AIS
Technical update Seminars per year. This is an essential part of the AIS scheme and it is imperative for both the company and the
FIA that attendance is in-line with the scheme requirements – failure to attend at least two seminars will result in suspension.
Withdrawal of Accreditation
AIS accredited Installers will be removed from the list if their attendance at the quarterly AIS seminars is inadequate. While the FIA
Council fully understand the difficulties companies have making time available to attend these events, such attendance is a
requirement of the Accredited Installer Scheme and it is unfair on the other members of the scheme if some do not meet their

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